Vibrators R


Rurmec’s top-of-the-line made-in-Italy vibrators for performance and quality of materials used.

  • Suitable for vibrating concrete in the casting phase
  • Designed to be connected to Maxi series converters
  • Available in three diameters depending on the need for use
  • Durable shock-resistant nylon hand control
  • R 50/S is equipped with thermal motor protection that stops motor operation when a certain temperature is reached
  • Designed to be maintenance-free and vibrate with low sound emissions
  • The hose (5 m) and power cord (10 m) allow a wide range of 15 m
  • Built according to CE regulations


10 m cable; 5 m hose; instructions.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Input alim.42 V 200 Hz42 V 200 Hz42 V 200 Hz42 V 200 Hz
Power360W450 W450 W700 W
Vibrations per min.12000120001200012000
Yield10 – 15m3/h20 – 25m3/h20 – 25m3/h30 – 35m3/h
Weight11 kg14 kg14 kg20 kg
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