Powertool for mixing and stirring

for mortars
glues and paints

for Mortars
glues and paints

coming June 2023


The best technology in your hands:
the new mixers
powerful, ergonomic,
Indestructible and with a unique design!
Discover them in June 2023

Why a rurmec is better!

unparalleled robustness

A Rurmec never leaves you halfway through a job: you can use it in the heaviest jobs, and it will always give you the most...

continuity of work

If it is sturdy, it never breaks down.... If it doesn't break, then you can work nonstop and quickly complete what you do

amazing durability
very low maintenance
you can find them in the best retail outlets

watch them at work!

look at how he works!

those who work hard need a rurmec!

In this clip you can see what it’s really like to work with a Rurmec: tough stuff…

coming June 2023


Powerful, unstoppable and indestructible thanks to the ultra-strong body… And, finally, with double whip, too!
Discover them in June 2023

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Rurmec mixers

A wide range of mixers for hard work,
Without fear of not accomplishing their mission.
Because a Rurmec never leaves your side!

RURMEC EV12 whip mortar mixer

Small and lightweight, it is a highly ergonomic mixer due to its dual handles. Power: 800W.

RURMEC EV18 E whip mortar mixer

Rurmec's classic mixer with drill handle and electronic switch. Power: 1100W.

RURMEC EV21 whip mortar mixer

The versatile and ergonomic mixer thanks to the triple handle. Power: 1100W.

RURMEC EV22 whip mortar mixer

The powerful and balanced electronic mixer with dual handles. Power: 1100W.

RURMEC EV23 whip mortar mixer

Great power and a balanced handle, the EV 23 is a mixer with dual mechanical speeds and electronic regulation. Power: 1300W.

RURMEC EV26 whip mortar mixer

Rurmec's most powerful 1600W mixer with dual mechanical speeds and electronic regulation.

RURMEC MX8 mixer

Powerful and compact with 3 included mixers in a convenient carrying case. Power: 1050W.

RURMEC MX10 mixer

The double-speed, electronically controlled mixer with mixer included. Power: 1400W.

RURMEC MX16/N mixer

The 1600 W, dual-speed, electronically controlled mixer with mixer included

RURMEC S-MIX 50 mortar mixer

The floor mixer with induction motor. Easy to carry has a mixing capacity of 50 liters of material Power: 1000W.

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Rurmec mixers

Complete the job: with Rurmec mixers you have no problems with durability, even on the heaviest jobs!

RURMEC MK right-handed triple spiral mortar mixer

Ideal for high-density materials due to the bottom-up mixing effect. Recommended for: mortar - concrete - gypsum - epoxy resins - bituminous mixtures - other high-viscosity materials.

RURMEC MKN triple left-handed spiral mixer for paints and glazes

The left-handed orientation of the spirals is designed to push the material downward, preventing splashing of the more fluid materials. Recommended for: varnishes - paints - glazes - sealants and other low-viscosity materials.

RURMEC UG cage mixer for fluid materials

Ideal for mixing very fluid materials in which no air bubbles should form. Recommended for: putties - adhesives - paints - airtight materials - other materials in which air should not be included.

RURMEC ML paint and glaze mixer

Ideal for liquid materials and self-levelling products. Recommended for: Self-levelling products, bedding mortar, covering liquids, sealants.

RURMEC MD paint and glaze mixer

Ideal for bituminous sealants. Recommended for: Bituminous coatings, bitumen fillers.

RURMEC UG vortex mixer for paints and glazes

Extremely fast and effective, perfectly blending materials in seconds. The small size allows even one-liter milk (MV5) to be mixed. Recommended for: Paints, varnishes, enamels, two-component resins, glues.

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