P500 Wall Sander


The sander small in size, large in performance.

  • Suitable for sanding, cleaning, smoothing plaster and drywall, removing layers of paint, polishing, and other sanding work
  • Electronic motor protection and electronic speed regulation
  • Suitable for wall or floor work requiring close distances from the operator
  • Dust-free work associated with the Rurmec vacuum system
  • Easy-to-remove abrasive discs available in a variety of grits for different work requirements
  • With the appropriate adapter, it is possible to mount the 24-grit diamond disc for removal of large thicknesses


Cassette, suction fitting, abrasive discs (9 Pcs paper type 80-120-180), 2.8 m cable. Instructions.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Voltage220 – 240 V
Power1200 W
No load speed650-1300 min
Ø Backing pad225 mm
Lenght500 mm
Weight3,5 kg
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