Powertool for vibrating concrete

for CLS

RVF 1400-2023

for CLS

Why a rurmec is better!

unparalleled robustness

A Rurmec never leaves you halfway through a job: you can use it in the heaviest jobs, and it will always give you the most...

continuity of work

If it is sturdy, it never breaks down.... If it doesn't break, then you can work nonstop and quickly complete what you do

amazing durability
no maintenance
you can find it in the best stores

watch them at work!

look at how he works!

those who work hard need a rurmec!

In this clip you can see what it’s really like to work with a Rurmec: tough stuff…

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Vibrating needles, whip vibrators
and pneumatic vibrators

vibrate the concrete

From vibrating pokers and whip vibrators, to avoid the creation of air bubbles in the concrete and obtain a homogeneous result, to pneumatic vibrators, designed for installation on hoppers, silos, bins, mixers, feeders and in all cases where there is a need to discharge powders that tend to knead during discharge.
The real feature that makes them a high-quality Rurmec lies in their operating principle, which is based on a linear type of vibration that occurs by means of an air bearing that alternately moves the internal piston along the cylinder: all while mutually pressurizing and emptying the chambers.

RURMEC RVF 1400 whip vibrator

The portable, lightweight and handy vibrator ideal for small artifacts.

RURMEC RVF 2300 whip vibrator

The portable, powerful and handy vibrator ideal for large artifacts.

RURMEC RVP pneumatic vibrators

The Made in Italy pneumatic vibrator for use with air compressor.

RURMEC vibrator R

Rurmec's top-of-the-line Made in Italy vibrators for performance and quality of materials used.

RURMEC vibrator S

Made in Italy vibrators built to the highest quality standards.

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Electrical converters

converters to vibrate concrete

Rurmec electric vibrating needle converters are ideal for large vibration jobs. They are highly shock and weather resistant, and the permanent magnet rotor and quality of components ensure high voltage stability.


The single-phase converter with high-strength glass-filled nylon shell. MAXI 2 is The converter both single-phase and three-phase. MAX 1M eI 2M power: 220-240V. MAXI 2T power: 380-400V.


Made-in-Italy converters highly durable due to steel construction. 220-240V power.


The strongest steel converter in the range also with protective cage. 220-240V power.


The strongest single-phase and three-phase steel converter in the range also with protection cage. 220-240V power.


The strongest single-phase and three-phase steel converter in the range also with protection cage. 380-400V power.

Where do you find Rurmec?

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