Powertool for demolishing walls


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Wall breakers

Rurmec breakers

Our power tools offer high wall demolition performance due to the powerful pneumatic percussion system. They also feature compactness and lightness, thanks to the aluminum central body, making them suitable for wall-mounted work.

RURMEC DH 3200 roto-stop drill/driver

Powerful 800W motor and a striking power of 2.9 J. Balanced body with convenient D-type rear handle, with the possibility of mounting the side handle for easier handling and greater comfort of use.

RURMEC DH 4000 combination hammer

Equipped with safety clutch, high rotation speed and single stroke striking energy of 10 J. ROTO-STOP device as standard to exclude rotation. Constant speed at all times due to total electronic control and electronic speed variation. Ultra-strong aluminum casing.


The 8.5 J. breaker in only 5.5 kg in weight with high demolition performance due to the powerful pneumatic percussion system, compactness and light weight, thanks to the aluminum main body, make it suitable for wall work. Ergonomic grip thanks to the swivel side handle and quick tool change with the SDS-MAX attachment.

Accessories for breakers

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